LE, MIL & Government

Lock'er Down® is proud of our relationship with law enforcement and government agencies.

Lock'er Down will design safes for custom applications. We honestly enjoy coming up with new designs,

Here are some of our previous targeted designs.

  • LD3001 Long Gun Safe for Tahoe behind 3rd seat designed for FBI.
  • LD3002 Long Gun Safe for Tahoe without 3rd seat designed for Texas Sheriff's Department.
  • LD3005 Long Gun Safe for Durango without 3rd seat designed for Homeland Security
  • LD3006 Long Gun Safe for Ford Edge designed for Texas District Attorney
  • LD4001 TruncVault for 2013 to 2016 Ford Taurus designed for The US Marshal's Service
  • Just delivered 3 custom safes for a privately owned Boeing Triple 7

Lock'er Down, Inc. Registrations

SAM.ORG Registration
# 041894243/7TDX7

Dun and Bradstreet
# 041894243

If you need a custom design for LE, MIL, Gov't or private business concern, please contact us.