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We sell magnets to our customers to mount guns and related gear. If you have an idea for a magnet we don't stock, let us know via the contact page/

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Description: The LD6080 Model console safe from Lock’er Down is designed to fit the 2018 to 2021 Volkswagen Atlas. Each of our safes includes a multitude of lock options. Those options are as follows...More Details »
Item #: LD6080EX
Condition: New
Price: $369.00

Description: Keep your handgun handy Now you can easily hide your gun in one of our safes, under a desk, shelf, on a door or wall. Installs with 2 screws or rivets (not inc.). The powerful magnets has an attraction force of 35 lbs.
Item #: LDM1
Condition: New
Price: $24.95
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Description: These swivel hook magnets are great for increasing the storage capacity of you gun safe. You can hang revolvers and pistols from the roof of the safe, the inside of the door or hang accessories on...More Details »
Item #: LDM3
Condition: New
Not Available
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Price: $12.50
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Items 1-3 of 3