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Description: This is our new console safe for the 2011 and newer Jeep Grand Cherokee / Dodge Durango . Limited by the small interior of the console, this safe will not hold full size handguns
Item #: LD2067
Condition: New
Price: $299.00

Description: This is our custom long gun safe for the 2013 up Durango police version but will work in civilian by removing 3rd seat
Item #: LD3005
Condition: New
Usually Ships in 1 to 5 Business Days Via Motor Feight
Price: $1,250.00

Description: This safe fits the 3013 to 2020 Dodge Durango civilian model with the 3rd seat in place. Our LD 3005 is much larger if you have a vehicle without 3rd seat Heavy 12 Gauge cold rolled plate steel,...More Details »
Item #: LD3015
Condition: New
Price: $810.00

Items 1-3 of 3